Our vision of Nokor Tep Society is comprehensive.. Currently, less than 7% of the rural population has access to medical care. It is also very clear that 90% of the women in Cambodia suffer from long term gynaecological infections of various kinds. Our vision is to have a women’s hospital that is focused on gynaecological issues and women’s cancers thereby alleviating the silent suffering of the vast majority of women in Cambodia.

 The centrepiece of this vision is Nokor Tep Women’s Hospital.

The hospital is the venue by which to treat women in desperate need of gynaecological medical care. The hospital is the core of the outreach to these women.

 An Education and Preventive Unit will be an integral part of the hospital.

In this unit – materials will be developed to educate women about their various issues, what they can do for prevention and when to seek medical intervention.

 Our outreach to all parts of Cambodia will be through mobile clinics.

Nokor Tep staff will be trained to screen women in their communities; provide education and provide treatments for minor ailments. Severe medical cases will be brought to the hospital for treatment.

 The hospital will have a Research Unit.

The research unit will serve to carry out research in the various illnesses affecting women in Cambodia, the causes, effects and treatments.

The hospital will be the core unit where training in all aspects will take place.

 In short, the Nokor Tep Women’s Hospital is the heart of our vision

I First Step
Our first step is the actual building of the facility itself. The design and initial architecture has been completed and detailed plans are being made, permits are being applied for and land has been found.

Our vision is to begin building the facility – the hospital itself in the year 2012. The cost is estimated to be five point eight million ($5,800,000.00) US dollars for the building itself. This cost will be 6.8 million if we include Phase 2. The cost of the land and total building is $8.3 million.

II Second Step
Our second step is to outfit the entire hospital. The cost of outfitting the hospital is quite high because of the vision to treat women’s cancers. The equipment for screening such as mammograms, MRIs, cobalt radiation are very expensive. The cost will be $14,000,000.

III Third Step
Our third step is to have a year of training all staff and testing equipment. To ensure that our hospital is run efficiently; that we provide an excellent quality of care and compassion, the hospital will require one year of training of all staff; testing systems and testing all equipment. The cost of this year will be $2 million.

IIII Fourth Step
Our fourth step is to develop the mobile community outreach. To ensure that we reach out to the most vulnerable women of Cambodia, mobile clinics will be set up, education materials developed and screening systems in place so that our vision to help all women will be met. The cost of this will be $6.6 million.

Nokor Tep Women’s Hospital is the opportunity for many to be able to stand with the women of Cambodia. To make this happen, we have a number of means by which you can contribute and be recognized for your contribution. 

1. Wall of caring – Bricks
2. Plaques
3. Naming rights to part of the hospital

Financial Sustainability
The expected number of women to be treated each day is 300. In one year’s time it is expected that over 100,000 women will receive treatment. The total cost of Nokor Tep is $30 million dollars which means that the cost to treat each patient will be $300 regardless of treatment received in the first year.

The cost per patient ratio drops dramatically after the first year of operation when we expect the total cost of running the hospital to be $5 million – the cost per patient will be $50 per person regardless of treatment received.

Expected Income
There will be a fee structure put into place from onset of operations:

  •  10% of patients will be wealthy Cambodians and expatriate women living in Cambodia. Their expected fees will average $250.00 per person = $2.5 million dollars
  •  30% of patients will be middle class women. Their expected fees will average at $50 per person= $1.5 million dollars
  •  60% of patients will be women living at a subsistence level. The average fee will be $20 per person= $1.8 million dollars
  •  Research facilities: Opportunities to do research related to gynecological and cancer issues will result in an additional income of $1 million US dollars per year.
  •  Nokor Tep Supporters – Annual Events and individual support are expected to raise $2 million dollars per year.

No woman in Cambodia will be denied treatment because of inability to pay the basic fees.

Stories from the people you will help