Gift of Love

This Hospital is an act of love for the Women of Cambodia - this Valentine's month the hospital needs 1,000 people to give USD 100 to make our monthly target so we can pay our bills.

Last week as Vice-President of Tabitha Singapore, I took my family to see the Nokor Tep Women's Hospital site with Janne. I was staggered by how much it has changed since I was last there almost a year ago. With massive concrete pours happening on the third floor we are well over halfway through the structural build - the end is in sight!! When the hospital came into view, I was struck by how much it now resembles the artist's impression of the completed building that has become so familiar to us.


Janne proudly showed us the areas with thickened walls where the radiotherapy suites will be, the ambulance ramp, the main entrance, the support staff cafeteria and washrooms, the two septic tanks - the list goes on. The children just kept saying - 'It's SO BIG!!!'.


We are now back in Singapore. Like every month, the bills will begin to come in soon, and how good it would be to know that they can be paid with confidence. Now is the time to stand with the women who cannot leave their illnesses behind.
For more information go to or the Nokor Tep Women's Hospital Facebook page.
Sarah Chakravarty
Vice-President - Tabitha Singapore

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