Lun Phy

Sample image My name is Lun Phy and I am 36 years old, my husband is 39 years old. We have 3 children. Right now we are living temporarily with my mother on her land. Our family living condition is getting worse. Three years passed and I do not understand what happened to me since I am often headache, feel dizzy and faint. I got weaker and weaker and I have started daily hemorrhage. Unable to stand anymore, I decided to borrow money from my neighbor to go to the hospital for treatment. After consulting with a doctor in Phnom Penh, he said these kinds of diseases must be cure urgently or my sickness will get worse. So I am getting worry day by day regarding with financial support and treatment so now I suffer from mental illness.

Never cared with my problems, my husband become selfish and whenever he needs me, I have to fulfill his demand. He never cares what I said and what my problems are. When I denied him, he started a fight by accusing me of having another man. Since then, my husband always goes out and stops caring about the family, our problems and our children. I am very sorry for my children must stop school and find any kind of support to help the family.

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