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Progress Report - February 2016



Progress Report - January 2016

Progress Report - November 2015


Progress Report - October 2015

Progress Report - September 2015

Progress Report - August 2015

Progress Report - July 2015

On 22 July, His Excellency Hun Mani, the son of the Prime Minister, visited the hospital.  touched and overwhelmed, he expressed his desire to help.

Progress Report - July 2015

The front is being prepared, the bricks are being added, and the scaffolding taken down.  The hospital is taking shape!


Progress Report - June 2015

The Big Pour! More than 1000 sqm of floor of E1 Section concreted on June 5th!


Progress Report - May 2015

20% of our 2nd ground floor (E1) is ready for pouring and bricklaying has started! BUT we are making a Mayday appeal, because this month it is not so easy to pay the labour and materials.  We need 2000 people to commit to USD 100 this month.  Thank you for making this happen!

Progress Report - March 2015

We took another big step this month - concreting the left side of the bridge. Thank you for helping us to get this far!

Progress Report - January 2015

A HUGE RED LETTER DAY ON 19TH JANUARY - Final pouring of concrete to complete the main floor! The stairs to the main floor are also finished - no more climbing ladders!





Progress Report - December 2014

 See how far construction on the hospital has come in the last year!


Progress Report - August 2014



Progress Report - August 2013



Dear friends and partners,

It is a red letter day for Nokor Tep! Today we have started piling again - only 1050 piles to go so that the foundation of the hospital will be strong. A few weeks ago I wrote and shared how we had broken our bonds with our contractors and returned to people whom we know and who can do. What a miraculous process this has been.

Less than four weeks ago our hospital grounds was the site of the largest swimming pool in Phnom Penh. The rains have arrived and left their blessings in abundance on this land of hope. Seing, one of the cofounders of Nokor Tep – said, I said I will do it – now I will. And the process started.


Four weeks ago we had a lake – now the land is dry. Four weeks ago we had no one to make piles – now we have over 600 piles ready. Four weeks ago we said today is the day that we start – this morning the piling started.


We did what we should have done from the beginning – trusted Cambodians themselves – people who are very capable of doing. So we found Nancy and her company – pilings are no problem – getting it finished before the big rains in September – now that is a challenge. Can we do it – yes we can.

We found a project manager – Para – a lovely man with skills and temperament to be able to do. We have taken it even further – Nokor Tep has become a teaching ground for ICT – Institute of Cambodian Technology – we have become a classroom for professors and their students – the best of both worlds.


What a pleasure this all is – how much I enjoy working with Cambodians who are full of life and hope – who want to build and learn and contribute their many talents for the women of Cambodia. There are many challenges that lie ahead but how good it is to be with people for whom challenges are just that – something to resolve and to move forward with.

Today is a red letter day for Nokor Tep Women’s Hospital – my challenge is making sure the funds are there for every step we move forward. We have a vision – to complete the building within 18 months – and we can do it BUT only with your help.

So now I appeal to each of you to stand with us yet again. There are so many ways – joining our 1 in a Million campaign for $10 each, or buying a brick for a $100, a meter for $400 – larger donations can buy you a plaque, to be a patron costs$50,000 – or to sponsor a part of the hospital – to have naming rights –or sponsor the Ridethon that happens this month. For all these options I invite all of you to visit our web site at  I ask that before you make your decision – please take a moment and read the stories of some of our women who are waiting for the hospital to be completed.

Today is a red letter day for Nokor Tep Women’s Hospital – I thank my God for the joy of today and for the challenges that lie ahead. I thank my God for each of you as you stand with us in this venture and with the women of Cambodia.  How good that is!



Progress Report - January 2013


The first land visit in January 2013 at the Nokor Tep hospital site: Village Prey Sar, Sangkat Prey Sar, Khan Dang Kor, Phnom Penh near Tho Matraiay Pagoda.

Today, January 7, is a pleasant day with a cool breeze. Janne decided to have her first 2013 visit at the Nokor Tep  land.

The earthwork was done and the piling works are started. The earthwork of the foundation for the three wings are now clearly seen.





Retaining Wall - September 2012 Progress


Site : Village Prey Sar, Sangkat Prey Sar, Khan Daun Penh, Phnom Penh.

Nokortep Group had a visit on Sept 3 at the site. The riceland was cleared and the Retaining wall is up!

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Land Blessing - August 2012 Progress


Site: Village Prey Sar, Sangkat Prey Sar, Khan Daun Penh, Phnom Penh was blessed on August 17, 2012, Friday. 

The land is currently being prepared for the construction of a huge NOKOR TEP WOMEN'S HOSPITAL.

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